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OpticVyu: Construction Cameras

Inspect Distant Sites Closely

OpticVyu develops construction cameras offering site monitoring and management solution featuring HD images, Time-lapse videos, Auto-Email alerts, Image annotation/markup, Sharing & Comparison, Primavera/ Microsoft project integration etc.

Project tracking

    Time-lapse video

Time-lapse video is a fast movie showing months & years of project progress in a few minutes.

OpticVyu proprietary algorithm creates daily time-lapse videos updated till date. Additionally, user can customize time-lapse videos on demand.

For construction projects, time-lapse videos are the best tool to showcase construction pace & help in marketing.

   Integration with project planning

Integrate project planning with camera monitoring by uploading planning data to OpticVyu portal.

Event-based photo comparison allows user to check site status corresponding to planned start & end date of an event. User can update event's actual start & end dates based on visual inspection through camera images.

By analyzing events' planned & actual dates, Gantt chart shows delays.

Upload planning data Compare Images for planned start & end dates Input Actual Start & End dates Check delays through Gantt Charts Set Event Timelapse

    Instant & Scheduled reports

Create a project progress report for better documentation.

Reports can be instantly downloaded, shared, or scheduled. Click here for a sample report.

    Weekly/Monthly auto time-lapse

    Project timeline

Tag an event to any image uploaded by the camera. Tagged events are stored in a separate tab called “Event timeline".

Event timeline is an interactive platform showcasing construction progress via tagged images.

All users on a given project participate to build event-timeline by regularly tagging images with important details.

   Interactive map view

Image tools

   Archived images- unlimited storage

Images once uploaded are archived in chronological order on our cloud-based server & kept in storage till project completion. Users can use the following tools to quickly access archived images:

Calendar based image selection tool allowing user to select archived image for chosen date and time, and “Thumbnail-View” allows user to see image thumbnails for a selected date

   Photo comparison

Compare images captured at different instances to identify the actual work progress.

OpticVyu interactive comparison tool allows user to compare image side by side thereby showcasing absolute construction progress at given location.

    Mobile/Tablet photo synchronization

Capture site photos from mobile phone and upload to OpticVyu portal using OpticVyu mobile application.

This helps in documenting photographs captured through camera as well as mobile phones.

   Multi project/split screen view

All the projects & cameras for one organization are mapped under one umbrella.

This allows a user to access numerous projects & cameras from single login credentials.

    Image annotation& sharing

Any image can be annotated using simple markup tools to highlight areas of concern.

Annotated images can be shared within the team or with the customers to pin-pointedly showcase the concerns/updates.

Annotated images are saved in “Favorites" tab for future reference.

Admin/User settings

   Add unlimited users

 Restrict/Manage users

   Auto-email alerts

Want to receive daily image notifications? No need to visit dashboard every day! Use Auto-Email feature.

Receiver’s Email ID and Email time can be preconfigured to receive timely email alarms.

Quick access to daily images keeps busy users in touch with project activities without putting in any extra effort.


 Unlimited custom time-lapse

   Publically accessible open access page

OpticVyu offers a platform to remotely monitor numerous construction projects on Open-access portal thereby creating transparency in construction projects and allowing the common man to witness the infrastructural development of their region. Through open access portal, government divisions can centrally monitor all the construction projects across the country.

Open access page features multiple project/cameras viewing dashboard, image archiving, time lapse videos, split-screen view, slide show, project info & project layout options.

Sim based    Plug & play    Unlimited image storage    HD photography    Integrate existing CCTV    Outdoor Cameras

OpticVyu: Interior Monitoring

360° images are captured periodically & are overlaid on layout drawings to easily track the progress of interior works over the period of time. Either the OpticVyu engineer can visit your site for timely documentation of 360° images or the site team can deploy their staff to capture & upload the data to the OpticVyu dashboard.

360° Image Documentation Multiple Projects/Zones Monitoring

   360° image documentation

   Multi project / zone monitoring

OpticVyu: Material Tracking

OpticVyu material tracking app enables the site team to capture images & material delivery information & upload it to the tracking dashboard. Material inventory can be filtered by the material received for a given period of time & attached images of loaded vehicle entering the site & empty vehicle leaving the site act as a proof of receipt of material.

   Capture images for various control points

    Embedded lat-long for precise data collection
   Filtering inventory by material type / date received

  Assess consumable material and assets


Features Basic Standard
Access 1 camera per user Multiple projects/cameras per user
Data Retention 1 year Unlimited
Published On OpticVyu web for marketing Secured
Image interval 8 images per day 10 min.
Timelapse Default timelapse Default / Custom / Event timelapse
Reports -
Project Planning -
Interactive Dashboard -
Mobile Uploads
Auto Email
Comparison -
Project Timeline & tagging
Annotation & Sharing
Mobile Uploads
Split Screen -
Professionally Edited Timelapse At Project End -
Add user - Unlimited
Camera Tag -
Camera Info -
Camera On/Off notifications -
Timelapse Customization -
Integrated with Existing CCTV Cameras OpticVyu Make & CCTV Cameras
Scope Client to install CCTV & OpticVyu to connect existing CCTV with OpticVyu servers OpticVyu to install OpticVyu Make camera. CCTV installation in clients scope
Applicable for Any pregressive project Any
Full list of features Contact us Contact us
Features Basic Standard
Access 1 camera per user Multiple projects/cameras per user
Data Retention 1 year Unlimited
Full list of features Contact us Contact us
Features Basic Standard
Access 1 camera per user Multiple projects/cameras per user
Full list of features Contact us Contact us